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Important Dates in the History of the Harvey Bennett Ranch House

1897 - Charles Bennett of Tustin purchases 15 acres in El Toro

1901 - Bennett acquires an additional 15 acres (30 total)

1902 - Bennett acquires an additional 25 acres (55 total)

1903 - Bennett acquires 5 town lots in El Toro; plants oranges, prunes, and apricots

1908 - Charles Bennett builds the Bennett Ranch House at Cherry Avenue and Second Street

1910 - Harvey Bennett, Charles' son, becomes foreman after Charles contracts pneumonia

1913 - Harvey Bennett marries Frances McDonnell of Santa Ana and they move into the Bennett Ranch House where they raise 6 children and farm citrus; Frances' father builds the kitchen cabinets

1915 - Indoor plumbing added to the kitchen and bath; cold water only

1917 - Harvey acquires an additional 10 acres and Charles acquires an additional 2 (77 total)

1918 - Harvey Bennett and Will Woodhouse pioneer use of deep (80-1000') wells for irrigation

1920 - Bennett porch converted to sleeping porch

1928 - Electricity, water heater, refrigerator, and electric stove added; two bedrooms and a service porch added and the bathroom and fireplace relocated

1934 - Harvey Bennett acquires an additional 8 acres (85 total)

1950s - Brick and glass walls added to front porch

1963 - Harvey Bennett and Ray Prothero bring in the Metropolitan Water District

1971 - Harvey Bennett died

1978 - Mrs Francis Bennett sells the Bennett Ranch to the William Lyon Company which cooperates with the Historical Society in moving the Bennett Ranch House to the Heritage Hill site

1985 - Frances Bennett died

1985 - Restoration of Bennett Ranch House completed and dedicated May 19

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