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School Ranch House


The tree has been decorated in a manner typical of the late 1800's, perhaps 1875-1900. Many of its ornaments are hand-made, such as children might have made in contrast to fancier or store-bought decorations from the same period.

Many of the ornaments seen on the tree have been made by local children. Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts have made garlands of popcorn and cranberries, cornucopia candy containers, paper fans, cornhusk dolls, and "gold" walnuts. Other ornaments include clip-on candles, folded paper stars, copper sheet cut-outs, glass ornaments, and St. Nicholas and animal paper chains. Some of the larger ornaments are made up of card-board, "glazed" paper and old paper scraps (die cuts) of many colors. These ornaments were fashioned after designs provided in Godey's Lady's Book, a periodical of that time. Some of the paper ornaments have been further decorated with cotton batting to create images of snow children and angels. Other ornaments use ribbon and bits of lace and jewelry that would have been available in the home.

Other decorations in the room use Flora indigenous to the area. Toys and games of the period are also displayed.

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