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Important Dates in the History of the El Toro Grammar School

1890 - El Toro Grammar School built at First and Olive at a cost of $2000; dedicated November 25

1914 - New 2-room brick schoolhouse; Edna Nichols becomes first principal

1915 - Antoinette and John Gless purchase the old school house and move it across El Toro Road

1916 - El Toro Grammar School moved to El Toro Road and opened as St Anthony's Catholic Church

1968 - St Anthony's abandoned when St Nicholas Church was opened; Charles Larkin and Gilbert Ramirez purchased the building to be used as real estate offices but it proved to be too expensive to renovate the building according to building and safety codes at that time and was abandoned

1975 - Saddleback Area Historical Society established to save the school

1976 - Saddleback Valley Historical Society acquires the El Toro Grammar School (St Anthony's Church) and moves it to the Heritage Hill site

1986 - First Living History class presented

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