José Serrano Adobe (1863)
The adobe prior to 1932
The Serrano Adobe was built in 1863 by one of José Serrano's sons. The main adobe was located near where I-5 and Los Alisos Boulevard intersect today. This adobe served as a Serrano family home until it was sold, along with much of the original rancho, to pay off loans and back taxes.

Dwight Whiting purchased much of the land in 1884 and the adobe was used by his ranch foreman. Some renovations were done over the years, including a new roof in 1915. In 1932 Dwight's son, George Whiting, made significant renovations including replacing the stable at the rear of the building with a new bedroom and finishing the dining room and kitchen.
Main room (southern)
The southern portion of the main room of the adobe is furnished with items representative of the 1920's and 1930's and shows what the room might have looked like when the Whitings owned it. The fireplace and brick flooring were added by the Whitings in 1932. During the time the Serranos lived here there was only a dirt floor and there was no heat source in the building.
Main room (northern)
The northern portion of the main room of the adobe is more typically furnished as it might have appeared when the Serranos owned the property in the late 1800's. The walls at that time would likely have had a coating of limewash but would not have had the plaster that we see today.
Adobe bedroom
The bedroom in the Serrano Adobe is also furnished as it might have been during the early part of the 20th century. In earlier years there would likely have been multiple beds and little open space in the room. The closet was added when the Whitings renovated the building in 1932; before that time there was a small stable adjacent to the bedroom.
Californio Exhibit
The back room, which had once been where the stable was located and which the Whitings replaced with a large bedroom, now exhibits many artifacts typical of the Californio period when the Serranos had their rancho. A wall mural, based on a painting from 1849, depicts typical activities of the vacqueros, or cowboys, of the time and an authentic saddle and other pieces of tack needed by horsemen of the period are displayed. There are also several fruit presses used for grapes and other items grown on the ranch and a display of goods that might typically be found at a general store in the nearest town.

The general store display includes chocolate from Cadbury's and Fry's. Cadbury's began in the UK in 1824 and started exporting in 1870. Fry's started in 1761 and created the first widley consumable chocolate bar in 1847; it merged with Cadbury's in 1919.
Adobe horno
Behind the adobe is a fire pit and a horno, or oven, as would have been used by the Serranos for cooking. The fire pit provided open flame cooking for stews while the horno acted as a convection oven for baking.
Adobe floorplan 1863
Adobe floorplan 1915
Adobe floorplan 1932
Adobe floorplan today